Perfect matching with our innovative search engine between guests and accommodation ensures happy guests, who will likely come back and recommend you.

Many additional benefits for you, such as benchmarking data, free advertorials and banner advertisement with our Gold and Platinum Memberships.

Always available per E-Mail for questions and suggestions: we are always open to it, as we believe that this is the key to success.

We value sustainability! If your house or hotel does that also, we will emphasise it with our green leaf as a symbol for sustainability or offer of organic products. As we know that many guests also value this and are looking for places that do the same.

Mamistravelguide is new and innovative and wants to always advance itself further. With us you will from now on never miss an important tourism trend again!

We have a lawyer specialised on IT-law with a lot of experience in this field working for us and making sure all data laws and IT-laws are protected – with us your data and the data of your customers are safe!

With us you have a Marketing-, PR- and Social Media- expert making sure you will get enough media attention.

Mamistravelguide presents itself

Mamistravelguide is the first German-speaking travel site for families and couples, which really facilitates the search for the perfect accommodation for the next holiday. Our new and innovative search engine, the travel finder, connects families and couples with the perfectly matching accommodation, in a way only dating sites like Parship in Germany, do it at the moment.

The advantage for you: always happy guests, who like to return and even more like to recommend you. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to choose your target group and even target them separately. Thus they will feel understood and directly targeted.

Mamistravelguide stands for quality and charm. With us your customers will only find selected boutique hotels, design holiday houses and agro tourism destinations with a special flair. This way your customers know, that they will find only beautiful holiday accommodations with us and do not have to look further. Even more important for you, they know that you and your accommodation possess exactly these outstanding qualities yourself.

Who are the users?

We target mainly academic families and couples with a good income and a good travel budget. Especially for couples, it goes up to the luxury segment. Our custom audience is a couple with two kids, that lives in a nice house at the edge of a city or a couple without kids that lives in a nice city flat in a city in a German speaking country. They have both studied at university; have both a good job and a lot of stress in their every-day life. Thus they have neither the time nor the energy for a long internet research to find the perfect accommodation for their next holiday. They are also picky. They are looking for individuality and do not want a huge hotel or even a holiday club with entertainment for their holiday. They rather prefer beautiful design, nativeness and relaxation from their stressful every-day life. They value a nice surrounding, good food and really want to get to know the country and its culture, which is hardly possible in a faceless hotel chain. They are looking for something special.

By targeting them in the right media channels, I will always reach this target group individually, because my PR texts are as individual as your accommodation, always with a lot of love for detail. We do not use any text components or loveless composed texts. Everything at Mamistravelguide is made with love and with a sense for quality.

What does a membership with Mamistravelguide cost?

Our memberships start at 380 EUR a year with our Premium Membership. With this membership it is all about „being part of it is everything“, as it is our yearly listing fee to be part of Mamistravelguide. For reasons of fairness it is important to us, that our memberships are callable at the end of each year. We want to convince you with our service and not with binding contracts.

Who is behind Mamistravelguide?

Founder: Laetitia Hörnler

As a graduate of a Master in Management at the University of Cambridge in England and a Bachelor in Cultural & Medial Studies and after many stays abroad in England, Belgium, France and Spain, I have always had a passion for different cultures, languages and for travelling!

With my extensive experience in Marketing, PR and Social Media Marketing in international agencies and in the tourism sector, I also have the necessary expertise and contacts to lead Mamistravelguide to success.

Most importantly, I have a huge passion for what I’m doing. This passion is transferred into every detail of Mamistravelguide. Furthermore, I’m my and your target group. I’m a mother of three children living in a house in Munich and me and my husband have both studied at good universities and have good jobs now. Thus I understand our target group perfectly and know what they want.

My Team:
Web Design and IT Support: Mike Platzer of MP Wed design & SEO
IT-lawyer responsible for data protection and IT-law: Sabrina Keese-Haufs of K2 Law
Graphic Designer: Viviane Volz of VVolz Graphic Design

At the moment we are right at the beginning of our venture, the team will grow with its growing responsibilities.

What Mamistravelguide does for you

Just like everything at Mamistravelguide, also our service is individual and made with love. We write texts with panache and love, like a recommendation you would write to a good friend. No flat advertising texts, which you can find in any travel brochure. With us the texts are as individual and special as the accommodations described in them. As we want to offer you the same individual service, which you give to your guests. No big booking site or travel site offers this kind of service!

Furthermore, we are always open to suggestions and improvements. It is our goal to become the best travel site for accommodation search in the German speaking market. For this, we need your inspiration! We want to stay in touch with our customers and continue to exchange ideas. This is a further point that sets us apart from our competitors.

We can take over a big part of your media work, PR and social media marketing and also we make sure with good search engine optimization, clever PR and good content that you are found better in the internet and most importantly by the right people. Our search engine makes sure you are found by the guests that are exactly looking for an accommodation like yours. This way you will from now on only have content guests that love to come back and recommend you to their friends. What else could you wish for? For further questions please do not hesitate to contact me:

What we expect from our accommodations

You own a really beautiful boutique hotel in which families also feel welcome, an especially charming holiday home which is equipped for families or a special hideaway for couples? You are full heartedly host and love what you are doing? Your accommodation has a chic design, is very typical for your region or country or has a special flair or maybe even everything together? You are a house for all generations for guests of any age, specialised on families or a special place for couples? You are offering individual service and have an eye for detail? Then you are exactly the kind of accommodation we are looking for.

We are specialised on especially charming hotels, houses and agro tourism farms. At Mamistravelguide you will only find selected boutique hotels, especially beautiful holiday homes and individual holiday resorts for families and couples, which are either recommended to us or which we know ourselves.

This principle follows the trend of individual tourism, aloof of big hotel chains and big hotels. At the same time it is our goal to offer something for every taste and every kind of guest at Mamistravelguide with time. The passionate sportsmen should find as much something for himself as the nature loving family or gourmet couple. Just contact us, and then we can find out personally, if we want to work together: